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Plas Newydd from the air, showing the dock south of the house.
The ship was moored to the south east of the dock.

Menai Bridge

Plas Newydd

Plas Newydd

Plas Newydd, the Marquis of Anglesey's house, which housed the 100 junior cadets, as seen from the Menai Strait. The ship was moored to the left of the picture and the Kelvin Block (School Block) can be seen in the trees to the right, in the top photo. Captain Hewitt's quarters were on the top floor at the ivy-covered end of the building.

The Dock

The Dock, with the swimming pool on the extreme right. This was originally the dry-dock for the Marquis' yacht. Plas Newydd house is further to the right - off the picture.

The Pinnace 1963

The Pinnace, originally a German naval vessel, entering the Dock.

The Kelvin Block

The Kelvin (School) Block, formerly a stables for Plas Newydd, was converted to house the classrooms, laboratory, gymnasium, shower and changing rooms. The Cromlech can be seen in the dip on the left.

The Kelvin Block

Seen here is the Sunday parade and march-past towards the 'Camp'

Conway Camp

Aerial view of HMS Conway shore establishment after the loss of the ship. The 'House' - Plas Newydd - seen left of centre at the top of the picture. The road in the foreground leads to the Kelvin Block, thence down to the House also forking right past the tennis courts and down to the dock at the top centre edge of the photo. The narrow dogleg path at far left leads past an ancient double Cromlech which can be made out just to the right of the dogleg. In the right foreground is the 'Camp' which housed 210 senior cadets. Nelson's figurehead is adjacent to the area by the road. The huts were arranged by 'Top', port and starboard: Foc's'le, Foretop, Maintop, Mizzentop and Hold.

Conway Camp with Nelson  figurehead
Nelson's figurehead from the old ship, mounted on the 'Quarterdeck' The Quarterdeck saluting lines are to the left of the rotunda. The hut in the centre is Port Mizzen - my own hut.

Conway Camp with Nelson  figurehead
Another view of the figurehead, showing further huts.

VJ Parade Liverpool 1945

An interesting photograph of Conway cadets on a VJ Day
Parade in Liverpool, 1945. Click the image for a larger version.

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