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Updated Wed, 19-Sep-2012
Legacy Family Tree

Here are two applications to use with Legacy Family Tree.

Excel to Gedcom Converter

This is an Excel to Gedcom file provided by Robert Carneal for users of Legacy Family Tree. It will convert an Excel file containing names, birth dates, death dates to a Gedcom that can be imported into a Legacy file.

          Click here to download the file       Click here to download the instructions

It will NOT:
1.  Do sources. You can do this in Legacy file wide.
2. Do Relationships. You can do this in Legacy; many people will have several relationships,     spouse, parent, brother/sister, child, etc.
3. Do marriages.
4. Do divorces.

1. I would not Import this straight to your family file. Import it directly into a file of its own,     do the sources, and relationships. Work with it until you are happy with it.

2. Be as certain as you can about the dates and be consistent about them. Entering a date such     as "~1920-10-17" may not necessarily translate to "About October 17, 1920".

3. If you have several Sr.s, Jr.s, IIIs, etc. I think it best to enter them in Legacy.

4. Import your data into a family file all of its own, do any relationships, sourcing, etc. until you     are happy with it.

5. When you are happy with the family file, PLEASE MAKE A BACK UP OF YOUR MAIN FILE
    before doing the import. Remember, you still have some relationships to make.

6. You might want to print out your new data first, so you can work on each one, top down.

This is an Excel file. It takes an Excel file properly formatted, and makes it easy for you to reformat will a little work. This "reformatting" allows you to make a Gedcom containing your data, and you can import the Legacy file into your main family file, or whatever.

Using Legacy with phpGedView

Example phpGedView Tree
PhpGedView is an alternative (free) way of publishing your tree on the web.
Click here to read more.
Note this has nothing to do with Millennia!
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