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Updated Mon, 29-May-2017
Cyndi'd List Logo
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Internet Sites
Rootsweb Home Page
Genealogy Guide UK
Genealogy-Guide.org.uk - Beginner's Guide to Genealogy
UKGDL Genealogical Directories and Lists  
GENUKI Website Logo
Genuki Home Page - a must to visit!
Tree Removal Genealogy search pages
LDS Family Search Site
UK Genealogy Interests
UK Genealogy Interests Directory
Heywood Advertiser Heywood Advertiser
Find your Ancestors' Graves
Building your Family Tree online
Top Genealogy Websites of 2015
smarterhobby.com The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Genealogy
A Guide to Genealogy for the Whole Family
History at Home - a Guide to Genealogy
Finding Family from Ships' Passenger Lists
Debbie Beavis & Ted Finch Mariners' Website (attached to the Mariners List)
New York City Genealogy
Genealogy and the Law
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