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The Nautical Institute - (Nine Branch) Discussion Forum

Debbie Beavis & Ted Finch Mariners Website (attached to the Mariners List)

Bob Sanders' Ships in Port 1881 Census

Jeffery Knaggs' Ships in Port - 1901 Census

Gordon Mumford's Wartime Merchant Navy Website

Merchant Navy Ranks - email me your query

Merchant Navy Officers Insignia Merchant Navy Cap Badge

Royal Navy Officers Insignia Royal Navy Cap Badge

A History of the Ships of the Royal Navy - from the Earliest Times

Index to late 18th, 19th and early 20th Century Naval and Naval Social History

Lloyd's Registers of British and Foreign Shipping

Royal Naval & Royal Marines Uniforms   

UK and Colonies Port Numbers

Boy's Manual of Seamanship & Gunnery

Naval Signalling

Trinity House website

Cunard Ship Photographs

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency   

Welsh Mariners' Website  

Liverpool Maritime Museum

Liverpool Nautical Research Society

Clyde Maritime Trust  

Flats and River Craft

Lloyd's Marine Records

British Lighthouses

Trinity House Lighthouses  

Principal Records of British Shipping & Seamen

Crew Lists by Official Number   

Lloyds Captains' Registers

Lloyds Captains' Registers - Guildhall Library   

Paul Benyon's Naval Index  

World Naval Ships  

Ship Ownership

WW1 Standard Built Ships Directory

WWI Merchant Navy Losses   

WWII Merchant Navy Losses

The Wreck Website

Births, Marriages & Deaths at sea

National Archives - Researching Royal Navy Ratings' Records  

Researching Merchant Seamen - courtesy of P&O  

Merchant Navy Seamen 1835 - 1941

Men of the Merchant Service (4Mb PDF file)   

National Archivist BMD at Sea on-line   

Coastguard Information

River and Harbour Pilotage

UK Port Numbers

British Customs & Excise Men

Harry Tate's Navy - Tracing RN Personnel and Reservists  

Finding Seamen from Indexes

Crew List Indexing Project (CLIP)

Abbreviations in Merchant Seamens' Records

Tracing Merchant Seamen

Tracing 19th Century Seamen

Tracing 20th Century Seamen

National Archives - Merchant Seamen 1845-1973

Tracing Seamen who Died at Sea

Tracing British Fishermen

Tracing British Mates & Master Mariners

Tracing Merchant Navy Apprentices

Tracing Seamen on British Censuses 1841 -1891

Merchant Navy Ranks & Professions

Masters' & Mates' Certificates of Competency   

Granton Trawlers website   

Guide to records of Master Mariners and Deaths at Sea

Guide to Researching at the National Archives, Kew (PRO)

Index of Captains from the "Log of Logs"

The Navy List

The Naval History of Great Britain 1811-1827

King's Letter Boys

Tracing Royal Navy Ratings

Royal Naval Personnel Records

Old Ship Photographs

Ships of the Royal Navy

Sailing Ship Sail Details

Sailing Ship Rigging Details

Sailing ship Types and Rigging

Training Establishments
Prince of Wales Training School (Merchant Navy)

Official Logs, Agreements & Crew Lists of British Merchant Seamen

Merchant Seamen who Died at Sea   

Tracing WW2 USA Merchant Seamen (in UK Archives)

The capture of the Enigma Codes

Ships (UK) listed by Official Numbers 1890-1936

Roll of Participants and Vessels, & Killed and Injured in the Battle of Trafalgar

Men at the Battle of Trafalgar - searchable

Photographs of the Great Ocean Liners

The Ships List - Descriptions and pictures of sailing ship types

Tom Lee's Paddle Steamer Website

Ship Position Tracking/Weather & Tides etc.

The Rhiw website   

The Men, Ships and Ports of Llyn, NW Wales   

For more on ships, photographs and shipping Companies click here

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