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Old Name
New Name or Meaning
Maderer Garlic seller
Maker-up 1) Made up garments to order 2) Chemist 3) Agent for paraffin sales
Mail Agent Government appointed Agent sailing on Royal Mail Ships (RMS) to ensure the mail was "protected and handled in a proper manner"
Male Maker Maker of travelling bags - "males" - from the bags used by the Royal Mail
Malender Farmer
Maltster / Malster Brewer, Made or sold malts
Manchester Warehouseman Cotton warehouseman - Manchester being the centre of the cotton industry at the time, cotton cloth was called "Manchester" cloth
Manciple Steward
Mangler Worked a mangle for wringing out water from washing Pictures

Mangle Keeper / Mangle Woman

Woman who hired out her mangle. The possession of a mangle, for the use of which a small sum was charged, was, among the poorer class of English cottagers, a common means of earning money.
Mango Slave dealer
Mantle Cutter Cut out the mantles for gas lamps
Mantle Cutter Dress/Tailor Cut ladies' Mantles - a cape-like apparel - Picture
Mantua Maker A specific type of Dressmaker. More Info
Marbler Stained paper or other surfaces to look like marble
Mariken Maker A dresser & tanner of moroccan leather.
Marine Store Dealer Proprietor of a store selling equipment to Mariners. There were also those who aspired to that but who were nothing but junk dealers
Mark Maker Marked steel, silver or gold with the purity/quality of silver - where made etc
Marksman 1) Sharpshooter  2) Marked out land 3) One who makes a mark in place of a signature 4) A grade or degree of the Orange Order 5) One who ranges competitors in a race 6) One who superintended marking New Forest ponies  More Info.
Marshall Horse doctor or shoe smith
Marshman Employed by landowners to tend marshland and the animals grazing there
Mashmaker Made the mash-vats or "mashels" used in brewing
Mason Stone cutter or dresser. More Info. Bricklayer
Master One of the three grades of skill recognised by a Crafts Guild. Skilled tradesman, often with his own business
Master Lumper Contractor employing cheap labour (working on the lump)
Master Mariner Ship's officer qualified to take command of a ship - not necessarily a Captain. (current term)
Master Writer Scribe or writer. (In Scotland, a Writer would be a Lawyer)
Matchet Forger Forged knife blades
Matchet Mounter Worked in the cutlery industry mounting knife blades to the handles - commonly made of bone then
Mawer / Mather Mower
Mealman Dealer in meal or flour
Mechanic 1) Machine operator, less skilled than an engineer 2) A journeyman engaged in one of the lower forms of handicraft
Medicus From the Latin; doctor, physician, also can refer to a homeopath
Melder Corn miller
Mercator Merchant
Mercer Cloth seller
Meterer Poet
Mewer Made cages for hawks
Miller Miller of corn, cloth miller, saw miller, oil miller (see)
Miller's Carman Drove cart delivering flour or seed
Milliner Women's hat maker / seller
Millwright Designed, built and maintained mills or mill machinery, requiring a variety of skills, from reading plans to diagnosing and solving mechanical problems.
Milestone Inspector Vagrant - "gentleman of the road"
Milner Worker in a Miln (Mill)
Mine Captain Senior supervisor or the equivalent of a superintendent in a mining operation.
Mintmaster  / Maker Issued local currency
Misegatherer Local tax collector
Mocado Weaver 16-17th Century weaver of wool (mock velvet) for clothing
Modeller A designer in the pottery industry
Molitor Miller
Mondayman Worked for the landowner in lieu of rent - usually a Monday
Monger Seller of goods (ale, fish etc.) i.e. fishmonger
Monthly Nurse An attending woman during the first month after childbirth. Also known as 'Confinement Nurse'. May also have the initials S.M.S. (Subsidiary Medical Services. i.e. not a doctor, but trained in some way)
Mordant Maker Made a chemical known as Mordant, used in fixing the dye in cloth. This was obtained, amongst other chemicals, from the vapours given off from 'stewing' charcoal
Moss Reeve A bailiff who received and dealt with claims for land on swamps and mossy areas.
Moulder Made moulds for castings, brick making etc
Mountebank Seller of fake patent medicines. An impostor
Mudlark Scratched a living by scavenging river banks at low tide
Muffin Carrier A street seller of muffins
Mugger 1) A hawker of earthenware. 2) A grimacing comedian
Muggler Pigman
Mugman Possibly a variant of 'Potman' a term sometimes used for a barman or other helper in a inn or public house
Mule Scavenger Young children, sometimes bought from Workhouses, worked some twelve hours a day crouched under working spinning mules, clearing out the debris accumulated there. A very dangerous occupation.
Mule Spinner See Spinner
Muleskinner Teamster
Muleteer Mule driver
Multurer Miller
Mumper Beggar
Musicker Musician
Mustarder / Mustardman Dealer in mustard
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