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For Census & BMD sites, please see the Census & BMD Links page

RecordsBase - Public Records Search Engine

Day of the Week Calculator  New!

Really Useful Sources for UK and Irish Genealogy Online

Latitude/Longitude Converter

British Census Indexes, Transcripts, and Images Available Online or on CD

Mitochondrial DNA Testing

Family Tree DNA

Oxford Ancestors - DNA testing

Cemetery Transcription Library

UK Adoptions Register

Histpop - The Online Historical Population Reports Website   

Family Records Centre - 1 Myddleton Street

British Newspaper Archive

Free People Research - 50 Genealogy Resources on Facebook   

BMD Certificate Information

Library of Trade & Local Directories

Historical Directories - Local & Trade Directories of England & Wales

Familyrelatives.com - England & Wales BMD

England - Historical Directories

English Counties, Parishes, etc. for Genealogists

Acts of Parliament for the Genealogist

Public Record Office OnLine Catalogue

Public Record Office Leaflet Index

Public Records Office - Documents Online

National Archives "Discovery"

The Heralds' Visitations   

Ordering Certificates online from the General Register Office (GRO)

National Archives - Deaths at sea

Old Bailey On-Line - Searchable Proceedings 1674-1834

British Genealogy Resources & Maps for family history research

Chapman Codes  

British Surnames Profile

Norfolk Transcription Library   

The National Archivist

Hospital Records Database

England - BMD, Parish & Probate Records

IGI Batch Number Search

Archived CD Books - A MUST!

UK Parish Search Database

The Black Sheep Index

London Ancestors

A2A (Access To Archives) Database for England   -   Info

PRO - Wills on-line

Essex Archives On-Line

Probate Records from 1858

Cheshire Wills Database on-line 

Old Deansgate, Manchester, 1750

Lancashire Will Search

Todmorden & Walsden Transcriptions

Cheshire Record Office Index

Macclesfield Silkmen - Kelly's Directory 1857

Tombstones and Monumental Inscriptions

Cemsearch-UK - Lancashire Cemetery database

Heywood, Lancashire Cenotaph - names

Manchester & Lancashire FHS

Manchester Graveyards

Greater Manchester County Record Office

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy

National Archives of South Africa (NASA)

Genealogy Research in USA

Tracking your Ancestry

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