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Francis? DUFFY

Mary Ann HALL 1

  • Born: 24 Oct 1849, Macclesfield, Cheshire
  • Marriage: Francis? DUFFY in Ireland
  • Died: Nov 1916 ? aged 67

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bullet  Noted events in her life were:

Occupation: 1871 - Machine Sewer.

Residence: 1871 - 215 Crompton Road, Macclesfield.

Census, 1871, Macclesfield, Cheshire. 3


Mary married Francis? DUFFY in Ireland.



1 HALL Census, Rodney HALL, HALL Census.doc. 1841 Census

Waterloo Street, Hurdsfield, Macclesfield
HO107/2158 P5

GeorgeHALL45Silk WeaverBorn in County
MaryHALL45-Born in County (actually, Bolton, Lancs.)
Mary HALL28Silk WeaverBorn in County
GeorgeHALL17Silk Weaver Born in County
JohnHALL15Silk Weaver Born in County
ThomasHALL12Silk Weaver Born in County
JosephHALL10Silk Weaver Born in County
SamuelHALL 7-Born in County

1851 Census

61 Waterloo Street, Hurdsfield, Macclesfield
HO107/2158 P15

Mary AnnHALLHeadWidow55b Macclesfield
ThomasHALLSonU23Hand loom weaver silkb Hurdsfield
JosephHALLSonU20Hand loom weaver silkb Hurdsfield
SamuelHALLSonU17Hand loom weaver silkb Hurdsfield

1861 Census

44 Watercotes, Macclesfield, Parish St. Paul
RG9/2579 P7

RuthBRIDGEHeadU64-b Macclesfield
ThomasHALLNephewM35Silk Weaverb Macclesfield
ElizaHALLNieceM32Silk Piecerb Chester
Thomas EdwinHALLGd. NephewU 5Scholarb Macclesfield
William LovattHALLGd. Nephew U 3Scholarb Macclesfield
FannyLOVATTNiece U29Silk Factory Workerb Chester
FannyLOVATTGd. Niece U 4Scholarb Macclesfield

1871 Census

202 Crompton Road, Macclesfield
RG10/3676 104 P7

ThomasHALLHeadM45Silk Weaverb Macclesfield
ElizaHALLWifeM41 ---b Chorley, Cheshire
Thomas EdwinHALL SonU15Silk Piecerb Macclesfield
William LovattHALL SonU13Errand Boyb Macclesfield
Mary ElizabethHALL DauU 9Scholarb Macclesfield
Prudence AnnHALL DauU 5Scholarb Macclesfield
HarryHALL SonU 1 ---b Macclesfield

Also shown - (John - brother of Thomas)

215 Crompton Road, Macclesfield
RG10/3676 86 P15

JohnHALLHeadM47Silk Weaverb Macclesfield
Elizabeth HALLWifeF49 --- b Macclesfield
Mary AnnHALLDauF21Machine sewerb Macclesfield
GeorgeHALLSonM10Scholarb Macclesfield

100 New Hedley, Liverpool, Lancashire, Parish St. Aidans,
Reg. Dist. St. Martin Ref: RG10 Piece 3765 Folio 25 Pages 43 & 44

(2 other families also at that address)

JamesHOEYHead43Boot maker b Naturalized British Subject
SarahHOEYWife34 ---b Liverpool, Lancashire
John HOEYSon18Stoker b Liverpool, Lancashire
WilliamHOEYSon16Shop Boy b Liverpool, Lancashire
MaryHOEYDau14Scholar b Liverpool, Lancashire
MarthaHOEYDau11Scholar b Liverpool, Lancashire
AnneHOEYDau 5Scholar b Liverpool, Lancashire
EdwardHOEYSon 1 mo --- b Liverpool, Lancashire

1881 Census

197 Crompton Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire. Parish St. Michaels

FHL Film 1341838 PRO Ref: RG11 Piece 3495 Folio 87 Page 21

ThomasHALLHeadM55 Silk Weaverb Macclesfield
ElizaHALLWifeM51 Housekeeperb Chorley, Cheshire
Thomas EHALLSonU25 Shop Man (Gent) b Macclesfield
Mary EHALLDauU19 Silk Piecerb Macclesfield
PrudenceHALLDauU15 Silk Piecerb Macclesfield
HarryHALLSonU 11 Silk Piecerb Macclesfield

202 Crompton Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire. Parish St. Michaels
FHL Film 1341838 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3495 Folio 102 Page 9

William LHALLHead M23 Grocers Porterb Macclesfield
EllenHALLWife M26 Housekeeperb Macclesfield
Henry BHALLSonU3b Macclesfield
WilliamHALLSonU1b Macclesfield
Charlotte AHALLDauU1mob Macclesfield

214 Crompton Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire. Parish St. Michaels
FHL.Film 1341838. PRO. Ref RG11. Piece 3495, Folio 102. Page 10

GeorgeHALLHeadM20Silk weaverb Macclesfield
MarthaHALLWifeM21b Liverpool, Lancashire.
[Martha HOEY]

1891 Census

241 Crompton Road, Macclesfield, Parish St. Michaels

HarryHALL Visitor U21 Clerkb Macclesfield

202 Crompton Road, Macclesfield , Parish St. Michaels
RG12/2816 page 12

William LHALLHeadM34Grocers Porterb Macclesfield
EllenHALLWifeM36Housekeeperb Macclesfield
Harry BHALLSonU13Silk Piecerb Macclesfield
WilliamHALLSonU11Scholarb Macclesfield
Charlotte AHALLDauU10Scholarb Macclesfield
PeterHALLSonU 5Scholarb Macclesfield
Prudence AHALLDauU 3Scholarb Macclesfield

104 Bank Street, Macclesfield, 4 rooms

MatthewNADENHeadWidwrShoe Maker Employed
AnnieNADENDauS17Silk Piecer - Employed
MaryNADENDauS13Silk Piecer - Employed
JosephNADENSonS 3

142 Upper Lloyd Street, Manchester, Manchester, Parish of St James
RG12/3201 Folio 135b Page 50

ElizaHALLHeadW61b Chester, Cheshire
Thomas EHALLSonS35Dairyman Milkb Macclesfield
Mary EHALLDauS29Mantle Makerb Macclesfield
Eliza EHALLGDauS8Scholarb Macclesfield

1901 Census

154 Maine Road, Moss Side, Manchester, Parish of St James
RG13/3711 page 42

ElizaHALLHeadW71 ---b Chester, Cheshire
Thomas EHALLSonS45Newsagentb Macclesfield
Mary ElizaHALLDauS39Mantle Makerb Macclesfield
Mary EllenHALLDau in LawM26b Manchester, Lancs.
Harry BrodieHALLGSonS23Cookb Macclesfield
AdaLEEARSNieceS11b Philadelphia, USA

202 Crompton Road, Macclesfield, Parish of St Michaels
RG13/3313 page 11

William LHALLHeadM43Laundrymanb Macclesfield
Helen (Ellen)HALLWifeM46Housekeeperb Macclesfield
WilliamHALLSonS21Clerk C.C. Silkb Macclesfield
Charlotte AHALLDauS20Silk Piecerb Macclesfield
Prudence AHALLDauS13Silk Piecerb Macclesfield
PeterHALLSonS15Pupil School Teacherb Macclesfield
MayHALLDauS 8Scholarb Macclesfield

2 HALL Census, Rodney HALL, HALL Census.doc.

3 HALL Census, Rodney HALL, HALL Census.doc, 215 Crompton Road, Macclesfield RG10/3676 86 P15.

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