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Old Name
New Name or Meaning
Boatswain / 'Bosun' Petty officer in charge of the ship's crew, also the ship's rigging and deck maintenance, responsible to the Chief Officer. Still in use today
Bobber 1) Metal polisher 2) Unloaded fishing boats
Bobbin Carrier / Bobbiner Supplied the looms with bobbins in spinning and weaving More Info.
Bobbin Ligger Placed the spools for spinning
Bobbin Turner Made (lathe turned) the wooden bobbins used in the textile mills
Bobby Police constable - still used today. (Colloquial)
Bodeys / Body Maker Made the bodices for women's garments
Bodger A skilled craftsman who made wooden chair legs and spars using a lathe set up in home made workshops in deep woodlands. His work was often produced for chair factories
Boilermaker Industrial metalworker.  More Info.
Boiler Plater Made rolled steel/iron plate for steam engine boilers etc.
Boll Power loom attendant
Bolter Sifted meal
Bondager Bonded female farm worker
Bondman As for Apprentice - bonded to his Master to learn a skill or trade
Bondsman Stood the bond or surety for a bonded person
Bone Lace Maker Made pillow lace
Bone Mould Turner Made the moulds for button making
Bone Picker Rag & Bone Man. Collected rags and bones (originally) later any discarded articles / metals
Bonesetter Set broken bones
Boniface Innkeeper
Book Gilder Gilded book bindings with gold leaf
Bookholder Theatre prompter
Book Edge Marbler Decorated the edges of pages in bound books
Book Keeper As today, looked after business accounts
Bookman Student
Boonmaster Surveyed, maintained and repaired roads
Bootbinder Operated machines in shoemaking, binding uppers to soles
Boot Catcher Servant at an Inn who pulled off travellers' boots
Boot Clicker See Clicker
Boot Closer Stitched the shoe uppers to the soles
Boothman Corn Merchant
Borler / Boreler Maker of borel - cheap coarse woollen cloth
Borsholder Kent regional name for a police constable
Botcher Tailor or cobbler
Bottiler / Bottler 1) A person who made leather containers for holding liquids eg wine flasks or water bottles. From the turn of the 17c it would more likely refer to a worker in a bottling factory for beer, soft drinks, water etc. 2) In Punch & Judy shows that travelled from town to town in England, the person who collected money from the watching public. They called them 'Bottlers' as they used a glass bottle with a narrow neck so that the bottle could not be tipped upside down to take money out easily.
Bottle Boy Pharmacist's assistant
Bottomer Adzed out the finished seat from the rough shape in wooden chair making
Bottom Knocker Sagger Maker's assistant - See Saggar Maker's Bottom Knocker.
Bottom Maker Moulded the bottoms for Saggers in the pottery industry
Boundary Setters / Layers Employed by the Board of Ordnance (Ordnance Survey) for setting out and plotting important boundaries used in map-making.
Bowdler Worked with iron ore
Bowker Bleached yarn. Also in parts of Lancashire, a butcher
Bowler 1) Maker of bowls and dishes 2) Made the bowls of spoons before casting
Bowlman/woman Crockery dealer
Bowlminder In charge of vats in which raw wool were washed before processing
Bow Maker

1) Made bows for use around Oxens' neck - used to adjoin two Oxen during farming. 2) Made string bows for musical instruments

Bowyer / Bower Made archery bows
Box Shook Maker See Shook Maker
Bozzler Parish constable
Brabener Weaver
Brachygrapher Shorthand writer
Bradish Man A carpenter working in mines; the bradish man was responsible for ensuring a steady flow of clean air is cycled past the working face (especially of coal).  He achieved this by closing off old shafts with well-sealed wooden doors.
Braider Made cord by twisting cords or leather
Brailler Made girdles
Brakeman / Brakesman 1) Operated pithead winding gear  2) Operated brakes on trains or trams

Colliery worker who cuts at the coal face, particularly a new seam or 'branch' from the road

Brasiater Brewed Ale
Brasiler Dyer
Bratman Made rough garments
Brazier Worked with brass
Breakman / Brickman Bricklayer
Breech Maker Made the breeches for guns
Brewster Brewer
Bricksetter Worked in a brick works. He worked in the kilns, stacking or 'setting' the bricks ready for firing
Brick Burner Maintained the firing temperature in a brick kiln
Bridewell Keeper In charge of a lock-up or jail
Bridgeman / Bridger Toll bridge keeper
Brightsmith Metal worker
Brimstone Refiner Refined sulphur, one of the components of gunpowder
Broadcloth Weaver Wide(broad)loom operator
Broad Cooper Go-between for breweries and innkeepers
Brogger Wool merchant
Broker Essentially a salesman or middleman to a supplier for arranging sales.
Broom Dasher Broom dealer
Broom Squire Broom Maker


Brow Girl Female employed at the pithead
Brown Saddler Maker of riding saddles
Brownsmith Worked with copper or brass
Brush Drawer Fixed the bristles into the stock or handle of a brush. More Info.
Brush Stock / Stale Maker Made the handles for brushes
Buckler / Bucklesmith Made belt buckles
Buckle Tongue Maker Made the pointed part of a belt buckle
Buckram Maker Made buckram - used for stiffening lapels, collars, cloth belts etc.
Buck Washer Laundress
Buddleboy Used and maintained ore-washing vats in lead and tin mining
Buddler Women and children employed washing ore
Bullwhacker Oxen driver
Bum Bailiff An officer of the court who went to a convicted person's home or business premises and siezed goods in lieu of payment of a fine, in default
Bumboat Man Seller of goods and foodstuffs from boats to ships at anchor (Typically Suez Canal)
Bummaree Fish market middlemen - between wholesalers and retailers
Bummer Army deserter
Bunter Female rag & bone collector
Bureler Maker of Borel, a rough woolen cloth
Burgess Represented a borough official at functions
Burgonmaster / Burgomaster Mayor
Burler Clothing quality inspector
Burleyman / Byelawman Manorial court official who enforced the court orders
Burmaiden Chambermaid or lady in waiting
Burneman Carrier of barm or water for brewers
Burye Man Grave digger - (bury man)
Bushel Maker Cooper
Busheler Tailor's helper
Busker Hair Dresser
Buss Maker Gunsmith
Butner Button maker
Butter Carver Prepared butter for sale
Butty Supplied labour to mines and negotiated contracts
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