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Old Name
New Name or Meaning
Cab Driver / Cabbie / Cabman Driver of a horse-drawn passenger vehicle for hire. The first two are still in current use for a taxi driver
Cad Fed and watered horses at coaching inns
Caddie Messenger or errand boy
Caddy Butcher Butcher dealing in horse meat
Cadger 1) Beggar 2) Medieval hawk carrier. Attended hawking party, carrying hawks perched on a square frame around his waist and slung from his shoulders. Origin of 'cadge a lift'
Cafender Carpenter
Caffeler / Caffler Rag & Bone man
Cainer Walking stick maker
Caird Tinker
Calciner Made powdered lime from burning bones
Calculator 18c term for a mathematician engaged in computing tables, such as the annual Nautical Alamanac used by navigators in the calculation of astronomical observations. An extremely laborious occupation!
Calender A person who listed documents (filing?)
Calenderer / Calenderman "Calender" operator. A machine used to press and finish fabrics or paper between rollers. More Info. More Info.
Calico Printer Dyed, coloured and printed calico
Caller Off / Caller Out Loads and unloads trucks in a goods  depot; calls out particulars of incoming and outgoing consignments, from  labels on goods, to goods checkers in preparation for their removal  from platform or wagon by goods porters.
Cambist / Cambrist 1) Dealer in bills of exchange - financial expert. 2) Banker
Cambric Maker Made cambric, a fine cotton or linen fabric
Camerist Lady's maid
Camister Minister of the cloth
Camlet Merchant Sold "camlet" - cloth used in making petticoats and cloaks
Canal Porter Loaded and unloaded canal barges
Canal Puddler During canal construction, 'puddled' layers of clay on the sides and bottom of the canal to waterproof it
Cannaller Canal boat worker
Cancellarius Chancellor - from Latin
Candler Candle maker
Caner / Chair Bottomer Made woven cane chair seats
Canter / Cantor 1) Beggar 2) Religious speaker, chanter
Canting Caller Auctioneer
Canvaser Canvas maker
Caper / Capper Cap maker
Capillaire Maker Made orange flavoured syrup
Capitalist Investor, providing capital for commerce
Cardroomer Worker in the carding room of cotton/woollen mills
Carder Carded (combed - a skilled job) wool or cotton More Info.
Card Maker 1) Made the combs and implements for carding (combing) wool
2) Made the loom-cards used by Jacquard looms in the weaving of figured fabrics
Card Master In charge of the carding room in a cotton/wollen mill
Card Sharp

Someone who is skilful at playing or manipulating cards, an expert card gambler who takes advantage of less-skilled players.

Driver of (horse-drawn) vehicles for transporting goods. Carmen were often employed by railway companies for local deliveries and collections of goods and parcels. Modern day van driver. A Carter typically drove a light two wheeled carriage. Also sometimes someone who drove horse-drawn trams was called a Carman.
Card Nailer / Nailorer Maintained the teeth (nails) on the carding machine used on wool & cotton before weaving
Carnifex Butcher
Carpentarius Carpenter - from Latin
Carter Carrier of goods by wagon
Cart Wheeler Cart wheel maker
Cartographer Mapmaker - as today
Cartomancer Fortune teller using cards
Cartwright Made carts and wagons
Case Hardener Heat treats steel to harden its surface
Cashmarie Fish seller - usually in inland markets
Caster / Castorer Made small bottles for sprinkling salt, pepper, sugar etc.
Castrator / Gelder Castrated farm animals
Catagman Cottager (phonetic)
Catchpole / Catchpoller Bailiff or Sheriff's assistant
Catechist Religious teacher - from catechism
Cats Meat Man Sold meat from a barrow for cats and dogs
Cattle Jobber Bought and sold cattle
Caulker Filled up cracks in ships, casks, windows or seams to make them watertight by using tar or oakum hemp fibre produced by taking old ropes apart
Causey Dresser "Dressed" or shaped cobbles used in cobbled streets
Ceiler Installed ceilings
Cellarman As today, looked after beer & spirits & its dispensing equipment in pubs or warehouses
Cemmer Hand combed yarn prior to weaving
Ceramist A craftsman who shapes pottery on a potter's wheel and bakes it in a kiln
Chaff Cutter Cut straw to make chaff
Chafferer Dealer in chaff
Chairman One of two persons who carried a sedan chair See
Chair bodger Travelling chair repairer
Chair Turner Turned the legs and spindles used in chair making often turned on rough "bodgers" - lathes - as a cottage industry- common in Buckinghamshire
Chaise Driver Drove a chaise - a two-wheeled open horse-drawn carriage for one or two persons
Chaisemaker Carriage or cart maker
Chaloner 1) Dealer in Shalloon – a fabric from Chalons in France 2) Blanket maker. Chalon or Shalloon - a woollen blanket or coverlet for a bed (from its original place of manufacture, Chalons-sur-Marne, in France)
Chamberlain Steward in charge of administration of the household of royalty or nobility. One of the four main officers of the court, he controlled access to the King
Chamber Master Shoemaker working from home or selling to the public
Chandler 1) Dealer or trader 2) Maker or seller of candles 3) Retailer of groceries - esp. to ships
Chanty Man The leader in singing sea shanties aboard ship
Chapeler Hat maker and seller - from French "chapeau"
Chapman / Copeman / Ceapman 1) 13c - 16c Itinerate Trader/Peddler. 2) Merchant - in the 17/18c, before the advent of factories, a Chapman would invest in the raw materials of the cotton, woolen or silk trade, put out the work to spinners and weavers at home on piece-rates, and sell the product for profit - the term later became used for an itinerant peddler of goods in the 19c
Charcoal Burner Made charcoal from burning, usually on the site of felling the trees
Chartmaster Negotiated mining contracts and supplied the labour
Charwoman A woman hired by the day to do odd jobs, usually cleaning, in a house - as still used today and in use as early as 1596. The word "chare" or "char" was used to describe an odd job
Chaser An engraver
Chatelaine Mistress of the house
Chaunter Street entertainer (singer)
Cheese Factor / Monger  Cheeseman Cheese dealer
Check Weaver A weaver who used a loom that used more than one shuttle, each of which had a different coloured bobbin in order to produce checked cloth.
Chevener Embroidered fine silk stockings, popular with the Victorians.
Chiffonnier Wig maker
Chimney Sweep Chimney cleaner
Chinglor Tiled roofs with wooden shingles (shingler)
Chippy Carpenter - esp. Ship's carpenter or shipwright
Chirugeon / Chirurgeon Apothecary or surgeon
Chowder Fishmonger
Chronologist Recorder of important historical events
Cinder Wench Female who collected cinders from factories for sale door to door
City Meter Weights and Measures inspector's assistant, checking both the weights of goods as sold and the accuracy of the metal weights used. Some specialised - such as in Coal Meters, etc.
Claker Magician / Astrologer
Clapman Town Crier
Classman Unemployed labourer
Claviger Servant
Clay carrier Assistant to the shot firer in the pits
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