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Old Name
New Name or Meaning
Ealdorman Shire Court official, acted as King's deputy and paid by the court
Earer Ploughman
Earth stopper Stopped up animal burrows - i.e. a fox's earth before the hunt
East India Man Employee of the East India Company - either commercially or militarily
Edge Toolmaker Maker of knives, scythes - cutting tools
Eggler / Egg Factor Egg / poultry dealer
Elephants Teeth Dealer Ivory dealer
Ellerman / Ellyman Sold lamp oil (oilman)
Elymaker Oil maker
Empresario 1) Showman  2) Land broker  3) Settlement scheme promoter
Engineman In charge of colliery winding machinery under the direction of the Bankman
Engine Smith Made parts for and repaired engines using the tools of a Smith - similar work to that of a Blacksmith.
Engine Tenter 1) Oversaw the operation of the steam engine driving factory machinery. 2) Operated woolen mill machinery stretching cloth whilst drying
Engine Turner Engraver who produced overlapping geometric (engine turned) patterns on such items as cigarette cases, ladies compacts etc
Enumerator Collected and recorded census data from households
Equerry Personal assistant in the Royal household - originally for the horses - still exists
Erite Heretic
Eremite Hermit
Esquire Knight's companion - the term later referred to a gentleman of standing
Estafette Mounted courier - from French
Eweherd Shepherd
Exchequer Revenue collector - Chancellor of the Exchequer is an important English Government post today, setting the National budget
Exciseman Tax collector
Expressman A Messenger.  He would collect and deliver letters, packages or parcels that needed quick service
Eyer Made the holes in sewing needles. Also called a Holer  
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