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Old Name
New Name or Meaning
Gabeler Tax collector
Gaffer 1) Foreman 2) Elderly man
Gaffman Bailiff
Gager / Gauger Collector of alcohol taxes. Measured capacity of barrels to calculate the duty
Galloon Maker Made a decorative woven trim commonly made of metallic gold or silver thread, lace, or embroidery. Galloon is used in the trim of military and police uniforms, ecclesiastical dress, and as trim on textiles, drapery, and upholstery.
Gamester 1) Gambler 2) Prostitute
Ganger / Gangsman Overseer / foreman - from mid 18c.
Ganneker Innkeeper
Gaoler A keeper of the gaol, a jailer
Garthman 1) Fisherman using fish traps 2) Yardman or herdsman 3) Maintained a "garth" or dam on the river for catching fish
Gas Maker Made gas by heating coal to produce gas, which was purified to remove the tar. The coal would be turned into coke. The gas could be used for lighting, heating or powering a gas engine. The tar was used in road surfacing.
Gas Manager In charge of detecting dangerous gases in mines
Gasser See Cotton Yarn Gasser
Gater Watchman
Gatherer Glassworker. Inserted the blow iron into molten glass ready for the blower
Gatherer's Boy Assistant who shielded the gatherer's face from the furnace with a shovel
Gatward Goatkeeper
Gaunter Glove maker
Gaveller 1) In the Forest of Dean - Crown officer granting "gales" - the right to work a mine 2) In Suffolk - Female (usually) harvest worker 3) Usurer
Gelder Animal castrator
GP / General Practitioner Local medical doctor, a term used today.  More Info.
Gentleman Gentry; Aristocrat, whose income came from his land
Gentry Families of hereditary rank - the baronets and knights in England
Geometer Person skilled in geometry
Gerund Grinder Latin Tutor
Gigger Operated a gigging machine - a machine for dressing woollen cloth by subjecting it to the action of teasels.
Gilder Applied gold leaf for decoration
Gimler Made gimp - a kind of card
Ginour Engineer
Ginny / Jenny/ Jenney Tenter Minded a Ginny - a stationary engine used in coal mining to haul coal to the surface
Girdler Made leather belts & girdles, mainly for the army
Glass Coachman Drove a two horse carriage for hire
Glazier / Glassman 1) Window glass man / glass cutter 2) Seller of glassware
Gleeman Mediaeval minstrel
Glover Glove maker / seller
Goat Carriageman Driver of a small carriage
Goldsmith 1) Banker  2) Worker in gold
Gong Farmer /
Gong Scourer
Emptied cesspits, ashpits and outside toilets - "middins" - usually required to work from 9pm to 5am. See also Night Soilman
Gooseherd Tended geese
Gorseman Sold gorse and broom, largely for making brooms
Gossoon Servant boy
Gozzard Herder of geese
Grace Wife Midwife
Graffer Notary or scrivener
Grainer Painted wood grain effect
Granger Farmer
Grassman/woman Seller of grease – from Old French graisse, greisse, gresse ‘grease’.
Graver 1) Engraver 2) Carver or Sculptor 3) Worker in a ship graving dock, cleaning and repairing ships hulls
Grazier A person who pastures and raises cattle
Greenwich (Hospital) Pensioner A long-serving ex Royal Navy man, awarded an out-pension for age, wounds or incapacity. See
Grieve / Greave Bailiff, Sheriff, Foreman
Greengrocer Sells fresh fruit and vegetables
Greensmith Worker in copper - coppersmith
Greenwich Barber Sold sand from the Greenwich pits
Grey Cloth Dealer Dealer in Grey Cloth - the unfinished product of the looms before bleaching, dyeing or printing. The term is still used in the trade.
Grimbribber Lawyer
Grinder 1) Used a grinding machine, mainly for knife and scissor sharpening, which was commonly done door-to-door 2) Maintained a carding machine in textile mills 3) Tutor
Groover Miner
Groundsel & Chickweed Seller Street seller of weeds to feed songbirds
Guinea Pig Roving (freelance) person, whose usual fee was a guinea (One pound, one shilling)
Gummer Re-cut old saws, sharpening and improving depth of cut
Gun Filer Removed the casting imperfections on gun barrels
Gun Stocker Carves gun stocks from wood and fits them to the metal parts of the gun
Gyp College servant to undergraduates
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