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Old Name
New Name or Meaning
Iceman Ice seller - usually delivered to the door
Idleman Gentleman of leisure
Iggler See Tinker
Image Maker A sculptor
Indentured Servant Was committed to work for a fixed number of years for financial advantage. On completion of the indenture, he became a Freeman. Until that time, had few, if any, rights
Infirmarian Ran an infirmary
Inspector of Nuisances A person appointed to look into By-Law offences, such as noisy animals, foul smells, maybe fence disputes, things of that nature
Intelligencer Spy
Intendent Director of public or Government business
Interfactor Murderer
Iron Charger Placed the iron ore into the smelting furnace
Iron Founder Founds or casts iron
Iron Moulder Made moulds for casting iron
Iron Planer Put flat (plane) surfaces onto, usually, iron castings, required for seatings etc where the castings fitted on to other parts of the structure.

Iron Puddler

Made wrought iron using the puddling process; a highly skilled and dangerous occupation which required physical strength, stamina and sustained concentration More Info.
Iron Roller Worked a machine that rolled iron to form and shape it.
Iron Turner Used a lathe to turn items from iron.
Ironmonger / Feroner Hardware merchant
Ironmaster Foundry owner / manager
Ironsmith Blacksmith
Ironstone Miner Mined Ironstone, used to obtain iron and in the making of pottery and also for building material
Jack 1) Sailor 2) young male assistant..
Jack-frame Tenter A Jack-frame was a complicated machine that twisted textile threads and wound it onto bobbins. "Tenting" meant attending / watching
Jack-smith Made lifting machinery / equipment
Jagger 1) Fish peddler 2) 19c. Boy in charge of "jags" or truck trains in a coal mine 3) Man attending pack-horses carrying iron ore to the smelter 4) 20c. Uniformed messenger for London businesses
Jakes Farmer Cesspool emptier
Japanner Applied Japanese style black hard varnish - "Japanning"
Javelin Man Attendant at court who carried a spear or pike
Jenny/ Jenney / Ginny Tenter Minded a Ginny - a stationary engine used in coal mining to haul coal to the surface
Jerquer Customs Officer - shipping. Issued "Jerque Note" for clearance of vessel
Jersey Comber Employed combing Jersey wool before spinning
Job Coachman Drove a coach hired to nobility or gentry for long periods
Jobber 1) Dealer in goods 2) Pieceworker - paid by the job 3) In a cotton mill, a Jobber was also known as a Tackler, who maintained machinery
Jobmaster Supplied horses, carriages and drivers for hire
Jollier See Potter's Jollier
Jongleur Travelling minstrel
Journeyman A tradesman who has served his trade apprenticeship and mastered his craft, not bound to serve a master, but originally hired by the day. The name derives from the French for day - jour. Also Engineer Journeyman.  More Info.
Jouster Fishmonger. Female hawker of fish
Jowter Mounted pedlar of fish
Joyner / Joiner A skilled carpenter, capable of finer work than a plain carpenter. i.e. skilled in making joints for furniture-making. The term is still very much in common usage.
Justiciar Head of the royal judiciary and king's viceroy in his absence abroad
Juvellour A Jeweller


Colliery "quality control" man and weighman
Keeler / Keelman
Bargeman on Newcastle Keels - river boats carrying coal down river to ships loading off-shore.   More Info.
Kellerman A person in charge of the wine-cellars in a great house or castle - of German origin
Wool / cotton comber
1) Dealer in young goats and skins 2) Skinner
In charge of pottery kiln/s - limeburner
Made cuishes and high armour
1) Harness maker 2) dealer in old and dead animals - "Knacker's yard"
Knappers / Nappers
Dressed and shaped flint as required, mainly for flintlock firearms
Kneller / Knuller
Door to door chimney sweeps
Man who awoke factory workers with a long stick, knocking on the bedroom windows - often the Lamplighter
Knock Knobbler
Dog Catcher
Bell toller
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