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Old Name
New Name or Meaning
Ulnager Examiner of woollen goods prior to sale
Underlooker / Underviewer Worked underground in coalmines in a sort of health and safety role, inspecting and regulating the miners in and out of the pit
Underwood Dealer See Coppice Dealer.
Upholder 1) Upholsterer 2) Made quilts & mattresses 3) Auctioneer's assistant  More Info.
Upholdster Dealer in second-hand clothes and furniture
Upholsterer Pads and covers soft furniture - see upholder
Upright Worker Chimney sweep
Vacher Herdsman
Valet Gentleman's personal male servant
Valuator Valuer
Vamper Made up the upper part of a boot or shoe covering the instep and sometimes extending over the toe
Vassal Lowest order of servant
Vatman 1) Worked with vats in wine & beer making 2) Put pulp into moulds for paper-making
Venator / Venur Huntsman
Verderer Official in charge of the Royal Forests
Verge Maker Made spindles for watch and clock-making
Verger Priest's or Vicar's assistant
Verrier Glazier - from French
Vestment Maker Made vestments for the clergy
Viceman A smith who works at the vice instead of the anvil
Victualler 1) A tavern keeper - see Licensed Victualler. 2) Provided army, navy, or merchant ships with food supplies
Viewer Manager in the mines
Villein Paid dues to Lord of the manor for land use
Vintager Grape grower; wine maker
Vintner / Vinter Wine merchant
Violin string maker Made "catgut" violin strings. More Info.
Virginal Player Played the virginal - similar to a harpsichord
Vocalist A singer
Vulcan Blacksmith
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