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Old Name
New Name or Meaning
Xylographer Made and used wooden blocks for block printing

Yardman 1) Farm worker 2) Railway worker in goods or engine yards
Yatman Gatekeeper
Yearman Man contracted for a year
Yeoman 1) Farmer who owns his own land rather than a tenant farmer; qualified to serve on juries and vote for shire representatives. More Info. Also See. 2) Assistant to an official. 3) Crewmember (Navy petty officer) in charge of ship's stores.

Zincographer Etched zinc plates for printing
Zitherist Played the zither - a flat, many-stringed instrument
Zoetrope Maker Made "zoetropes" - Optical cylindrical novelty containing a series of painted pictures, giving the impression of movement when rotated
Zoographer Describes and classifies animals
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