King John being offered the Poisoned Chalice (Magna Carta)
Henry VII Fineroll

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The Flag of St George & England
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A 19th Century Autobiography

Encyclopaedia of British History

Historical Directories   

The Domesday Book

Domesday Book on-line

Magna Carta   

History of England 

Origin of British Money

Origins of English "Shire" counties 

A Vision of Britain through time

History of the Greenwich Royal Hospital School

Origins of the English Language 

St George, Patron Saint of England  

Lancashire History

Wars of the Roses 1

Wars of the Roses 2 

Participants in the Battle of Hastings - 1066

Participants in the Battle of Agincourt - 1415

Henry VII Finerolls Project   

The Great Fire of London 

Battle of Trafalgar - 1805  

Roll of Participants & Vessels, & Killed & Injured in the Battle of Trafalgar 

University of Leicester - Historical Directories  

Settlement / Removal Orders   

The Workhouse

Emigration from the UK in the 19th Century

Emigration from Liverpool to the UK Colonies: 1825-1849

Ethelred the Unready 

The United Crowns of Scotland and England 

The Line of Succession of Mary, Queen of Scots

Royalists' Estates confiscated During the Commonwealth

Macclesfield Silk Museum

Burial in Wool Act

19th Century British Wars & Campaigns

Winston Churchill - WWII Speeches

Working Victorian Silk Mill (Macclesfield)

Spinng The Web - Lancashire Cotton Industry

Cotton Times

Decline of the UK Cotton Industry

The Spinning Jenny

Winston Churchill

Victorian Manchester   

A Chronology of Blackpool 1500 - 1938   

Cheshire Memories   

Old Mill Rules   

The Manchester Ship Canal

Coals to Manchester   

The Battle of Clifton Junction   

Child Labour  

Marriageable Age in the UK

Marriage Banns - Description

English Marriage in 1768 - "Handfasting"

Diet & Infant Mortality

Old English Brick-making

The Cutty Sark  

Sailing Ship Sail Details  

Sailing Ship Rigging Details 

RMS Titanic - The official website  

The capture of the Enigma Codes

The last British Hangman  

Victorian London

Coal Tax & the Great Fire of London  

The Story of The Great Fire of London

English Sanctuary Laws  

Irish Potato Famine

The first Christmas card  

The first Christmas card

Origins of Dotty Surnames  

Strange Relationships - A fun poem 

Fashion and Courtship in The Victorian Era

History of Borth, Cardiganshire   New!

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